What Do We Wear?!?

With cotton sessions beginning this month, I am often asked by my clients “What should we wear?”.

This is the most common question that I receive as a photographer, aside from the typically inquired, and I usually come back with some pretty good advice! While I am not a certified fashionista, I tend to have a vision of what I would love to see in a image as an artist. Now pay attention, because if you want to love the flow of outfits in your image, this is important! Do not match. It’s as simple as that and let me explain.

When you dress everyone in the same flannel button down, you are taking away personality. Every person in your family will blend together like that flannel blanket that you keep on the couch. Boring. Instead of trying to make everyone match, coordinate! Plan out a color story that pleases your eyes and use different patterns and textures. Dress your family in outfits that they like and they are comfortable in. This will make the image more fun to look at, the flow much nicer and kiddos happy!

Here are two samples to show you what I mean when I say coordinate instead of match!



This is a photo that I found on Pinterest. While I like the image the outfit choice is safe and everyone just blends right in with one another. There isn’t a flow and that makes this image not so interesting.



I found this image on Pinterest. This image includes a family that still has a black clothing theme, but they have grays and pinks added in along with different textures and patterns. It makes the image more fun to look at and comes off as more put together.

As you can see, with the matching image, your eyes do not travel as everyone is wearing the same shade and texture. In the coordinating photo, it is much more pleasing to look at; You want to look at the whole image. Get creative and have fun with your outfits!

I hope you found this post helpful. Below will be some of my beautiful clients in their coordinating outfits and vision boards for more ideas on how to pair colors, patterns, and textures!

Ashley Gross Photography:

Outfit story boards:

You can find more images like this on Pinterest! Just type in “coordinating family outfits for pictures”.

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