Why does photography cost so much?

I often see this question through my feed on social media and I get a little upset about it, I’m not going to lie. Along with seeing acquaintances ask this question, I also receive multiple inquiries a day asking my pricing for a particular session and they are flabbergasted by the amount I charge.

Let me start off by saying this, my pricing is average for our area. I try my best to be reasonable and considerate, but still cover my business expenses. Believe me, I understand how expensive it is to provide for a family and want nice things too.

So, why does that photographer charge so much? Let me tell you!

If you think photographers just push a button and throw a filter on your images, you are so wrong!

During your session, your photographer spends time adjusting settings on their camera to produce the perfect image. The have to adjust their ISO, F Stop, Shutter Speed, and white balance. Your photographer may even have to do this multiple times, because the light changes, kids become more active , etc. Not only do they have to adjust settings, they pay attention to details and use their knowledge of posing to be able to provide you with a beautiful picture.

A photographer spends hundreds if not thousands of dollars on their education to understand how their gear works, whether that be college or workshops. Let me add this, photographers never stop learning. We are always trying to improve and learn new technique to help us stand out and provide you with the best quality possible.

The next thing that factors into the amount photographers charge is travel expenses, gear, props, maintenance on our gear, insurance, editing programs, image delivery, website fees, internet, electricity, taxes, and yes, our TIME!

I, personally, spend anywhere from 20-30 minutes per image that I edit! I focus on skin tones, shadows, contrast, temperature, and so much more. Being a mom of 4 kiddos, that is a lot of time that I am away from them.

Aside from the time spent on creating beautiful images for you and your family, a lot of photographers pay out monthly to keep their business running. Websites, delivery sites, editing programs, internet, sometimes rent and props, electricity, fuel, and business fees (taxes & insurance) are not free!!

I could probably go on and on, but to keep this short and sweet I will stop here. As a mom that just wants pictures of my family, I can totally understand why you might think photographers charge too much, but I hope that after reading this you can now understand how much it takes to run our business.

Thank you for taking time to read!

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