Lemon Sessions Are Here For Summer!

Starting June 15th, 2019, Ashley Gross Photography will be offering Lemon Mini’s!

Lemon Mini’s will take place at the Olive Branch City Park in the morning and evening hours!

Preview of the props that will be used during these sessions. We will also have a cute child size white rocker.

Mini’s are only $100.00 and include a 15 minute session, 10 digital images in an online gallery, and printing rights!

These sessions are so cute and perfect for the summer!

To book, just visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/photosashleygross and send us a message or comment on the post! Again, these are here for summer and can be booked all summer long!

Mommy & Me’s This Weekend – Mother’s Day – Olive Branch, MS Photographer

🌷 Mommy & Me Mini’s 🌷

Dates: May 4th and 5th

Location: Wesson House – Old Towne Olive Branch

Price: $125 + tax – $50 retainer due upon booking, remaining balance due upon arrival.


May 4th – 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, 4:30, 5:00, 5:30, 6:00, 6:30

May 5th – 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, 4:30, 5:00, 5:30, 6:00, 6:30


25 minute session, 15 edited images in an online gallery that you may download, share, and print from.

Comment below the day, time, and your email for your retainer request.

Ashley Gross

Olive Branch, Mississippi Photographer

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales Extended!

Want to snag some savings for your family pictures next year?? If yes, don’t miss these deals!


Book 2 mini sessions for the price of one!! 😱

I have several themed mini sessions including the ever so loved Creek and Sunflowers on the calendar for 2019! Mini sessions are short and sweet and allow you to choose the images that you want for your home or to share!

Excludes Cotton sessions.

Gift certificates are a great gift idea, but HALF PRICED gift certificates are even better!

Gift certificates are redeemable for any mini or full session! Buy now, save later! Woohoo!

Excludes Newborns.

All sales are final on Black Friday and cyber Monday deals. No refunds. May be redeemed and applied to any session in 2019!

You will receive a your certificates receipt down mini sessions in your email! Please present either or before booking your session! All fees are due upon claiming!

Why does photography cost so much?

I often see this question through my feed on social media and I get a little upset about it, I’m not going to lie. Along with seeing acquaintances ask this question, I also receive multiple inquiries a day asking my pricing for a particular session and they are flabbergasted by the amount I charge.

Let me start off by saying this, my pricing is average for our area. I try my best to be reasonable and considerate, but still cover my business expenses. Believe me, I understand how expensive it is to provide for a family and want nice things too.

So, why does that photographer charge so much? Let me tell you!

If you think photographers just push a button and throw a filter on your images, you are so wrong!

During your session, your photographer spends time adjusting settings on their camera to produce the perfect image. The have to adjust their ISO, F Stop, Shutter Speed, and white balance. Your photographer may even have to do this multiple times, because the light changes, kids become more active , etc. Not only do they have to adjust settings, they pay attention to details and use their knowledge of posing to be able to provide you with a beautiful picture.

A photographer spends hundreds if not thousands of dollars on their education to understand how their gear works, whether that be college or workshops. Let me add this, photographers never stop learning. We are always trying to improve and learn new technique to help us stand out and provide you with the best quality possible.

The next thing that factors into the amount photographers charge is travel expenses, gear, props, maintenance on our gear, insurance, editing programs, image delivery, website fees, internet, electricity, taxes, and yes, our TIME!

I, personally, spend anywhere from 20-30 minutes per image that I edit! I focus on skin tones, shadows, contrast, temperature, and so much more. Being a mom of 4 kiddos, that is a lot of time that I am away from them.

Aside from the time spent on creating beautiful images for you and your family, a lot of photographers pay out monthly to keep their business running. Websites, delivery sites, editing programs, internet, sometimes rent and props, electricity, fuel, and business fees (taxes & insurance) are not free!!

I could probably go on and on, but to keep this short and sweet I will stop here. As a mom that just wants pictures of my family, I can totally understand why you might think photographers charge too much, but I hope that after reading this you can now understand how much it takes to run our business.

Thank you for taking time to read!

What Do We Wear?!?

With cotton sessions beginning this month, I am often asked by my clients “What should we wear?”.

This is the most common question that I receive as a photographer, aside from the typically inquired, and I usually come back with some pretty good advice! While I am not a certified fashionista, I tend to have a vision of what I would love to see in a image as an artist. Now pay attention, because if you want to love the flow of outfits in your image, this is important! Do not match. It’s as simple as that and let me explain.

When you dress everyone in the same flannel button down, you are taking away personality. Every person in your family will blend together like that flannel blanket that you keep on the couch. Boring. Instead of trying to make everyone match, coordinate! Plan out a color story that pleases your eyes and use different patterns and textures. Dress your family in outfits that they like and they are comfortable in. This will make the image more fun to look at, the flow much nicer and kiddos happy!

Here are two samples to show you what I mean when I say coordinate instead of match!



This is a photo that I found on Pinterest. While I like the image the outfit choice is safe and everyone just blends right in with one another. There isn’t a flow and that makes this image not so interesting.



I found this image on Pinterest. This image includes a family that still has a black clothing theme, but they have grays and pinks added in along with different textures and patterns. It makes the image more fun to look at and comes off as more put together.

As you can see, with the matching image, your eyes do not travel as everyone is wearing the same shade and texture. In the coordinating photo, it is much more pleasing to look at; You want to look at the whole image. Get creative and have fun with your outfits!

I hope you found this post helpful. Below will be some of my beautiful clients in their coordinating outfits and vision boards for more ideas on how to pair colors, patterns, and textures!

Ashley Gross Photography:

Outfit story boards:

You can find more images like this on Pinterest! Just type in “coordinating family outfits for pictures”.

Find us on Facebook!


Wedding Season IS Here!

Calling ALL Brides!

Wedding season is here and we still have some open dates this year and we are now booking for 2019!

We have wedding packages to suit your budget and some great perks included!


Bonne Terre Country Inn Chapel

It is our honor to document your special day! If you are looking for a quote, feel free to send an email to photosashleygross@gmail.com.

Mommy & Me

Now booking Mommy & Me Mini’s just in time for Mother’s Day!

These minis are some of my favorites! As a mommy myself, I realize how important and such a treasure these sessions are! Let me capture the bond between you and your precious little; a moment you’ll cherish forever!

To book your Mommy & Me, visit the Big Cartel link! You will see the dates and times! These sessions are $100.00.

$50.00 retainer due upon booking and the remaining is due upon arrival!

Price includes:

15 minute session, 10 edited images with the option to purchase more!

Location: TBA

If you have any questions, feel free to send a PM!



Daughters In Dresses

Daughters In Dresses is this coming weekend and I am SUPER excited about it!

Ashley Gross Photography is offering Daughters in Dresses to raise money to donate to March of Dimes.

Daughters in Dresses will take place on March 17th & 18th.

Location to be announced, will be in or around DeSoto County.

Pricing Info:
$100 for one daughter, $125 for two or more

Must be paid upon booking.

Price Includes:
20 minute session
10 edited images in an online gallery

A portion of proceeds will be made as a donation to March of Dimes.

Ashley Gross Photography will supply dress clamps to help the dress fit your daughter and a small fresh flower bouquet to use as a prop if you choose to use it. If you have personal items that you want included, you are more than welcome to bring them along. All ages are welcome to participate.

Holiday Savings are here!

Holiday Savings are here! Mini & Family sessions for 2018 are now 50% off for a limited time and in limited quantities!

2018 Mini Sessions:



Summer/4th of July


Back To School



Or you can book a mini Family session!

Visit http://ashleygrossphotography.bigcartel.com to purchase!

Offer ends 11/24 @ 11:59pm

Sale excludes: Newborns, Seniors, & Events

Be sure to check back on Facebook for our Cyber Monday Sale!